Ystragynlais chiropractic - relieving knee or hip pain

Knee pain and hip pain are conditions which can really hinder mobility and cause a great deal of frustration. People often find themselves having to cut short simple tasks, such as shopping at the supermarket or walking the dog . So many people who suffer from these types of pain simply take pain killers to mask the problem – often for years. Not only is this approach unhealthy, it actually ignores the cause of the problem and leaves it to get worse.

How we can help you

Chiropractic treatment can be extremely effective at relieving and solving knee and hip pain. We work with the best possible techniques to relieve the tension, loosen up the muscles, and get the joints to move better. Ideally, the sooner you visit us (before the pain becomes chronic) the better. When the problem is treated early on, surgery can usually be avoided long term. However anytime is a good time and at any stage we can provide pain relief and help increase function and mobility. Don't just put up with the pain.

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