shoulder pain

Ystradgynlais chiropractic – relieving shoulder pain

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, or even frozen shoulder then this can impact on mobility, preventing you from carrying out your normal everyday activities. It can be very painful and the persistent pain can get worse even when having to perform simple daily routines like bruishing hair or opening a jar.

How we can help

Chiropractic treatment can help with most shoulder problems and our chiropractor sees a lot of people from young athletes to more elderly patients presenting with shoulder pain. He will work to relieve the pain as quickly as possible and address the underlying problem to make sure that the pain doesn’t come back.

Often it is a long-term issue, so we recommend that you see our chiro so that they can examine your shoulder  to see what is causing the problem before discussing the best treatment for you. Whether your shoulder pain is caused by an injury, repetitive stress, work, or playing sport, don’t just put up with the pain, take action.

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